Jeff T

  1. Profile photo of Mathtyler
    Mathtyler 3 years ago

    Graph looks ok, fev ratio only just below 0.7 and both fev ratio and fev1 are normal but the fet of 17 sec would indicate obstruction

  2. Profile photo of Rhys
    Rhys 3 years ago

    Very good observation. The FET is certainly prolonged indicating slowly emptying lungs (obstruction) – but he is 70yrs old so ?normal for this chap. Probably worth reversibility assessment if symptoms suggestive of asthma – note never smoker

  3. Profile photo of Lisa B
    Lisa B 3 years ago

    He is a 5 foot 8 slim chap ?? does he have big lungs… would be nice to have more clinical details on him and his presenting symptoms… need to do reversibility….

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